Toa Lhikan Arrival (Bionicle Short Film)

This was a Bionicle short film of Toa Lhikan I made a few months ago when I was still learning the basics of Blender.

I look back to see how much I improved, and I guess I still need a lot to improve, although I like animating a lot more than modeling.

If you seen this already on Bzpower, then you don’t need to watch it again. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, even though you say you’ve improved, this video still has a lot of intensity. The emotion you tried to portray with this, and the overall mood were exactly as intended, and it showed. There were a lot of things to tweak, but I really do love this little work overall.

Send your other animations, kind sir. :slight_smile:

Hi. Please reply when you see this. Did you see my comment on your g2 masks