toad walker

I am nearing completion of this, my 2nd blender project and would appreciate some c&c on the toad. This was an exercise in curves, circles and some texture mapping. I still have not gotten into UV mapping but I can see that will need to come soon.



i like its style, it would look great with some ladders going up the side, i think

I thought about a ladder but the vehicle is one man and stands only 15 ft high. There are no user serviceable parts on top and access only needs to be gained when it’s in the shop. The high “hip” joint enables it to have a long stride which results in speed but still allows for low profile.

hmm, i think you need to clarify your scale in the model, perhaps, rather than having to explain it in the thread :wink:

Sure. Any suggestions?

Maybe place it in a scene and add a person leaning up against it to show its size relative to an average human. That would get the scale across pretty well.

I decided to provide a size reference by opening the cockpit, which involves lowering the toad operator’s chair to allow access.


That also works. :wink:

No crit on the model. Now you need to add some color to it.

i think the whole thing looks fantastic.
when someone mentioned adding some scale realism,
i imagined this thing standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light
to turn green.
anyway, fatastic idea. very original design.

Why does it have to have a gun ;_;?

It has a gun because it is a military patrol vehicle. The gun can be used offensively in a skirmish or defensively if attacked by missle etc. (in much the same way as a Phalanx CWIS gun currently mounted on many naval ships is used [at the rate of approx 50 rounds per second]).

The feet look a little heavy to me. The connection from the leg to the foot is a bit on the small side aswell. Perhaps if you reduced the overall size of the foot and increased the ankle support a bit more.

A compound connection to the foot would add in some more strenghth (simular to the knee joint but perhaps backwards from that one). You could add in an actuator to the foot (achillies tendant). This would give the foot more power.

I like the model though great concept. It reminds me of a windup toy I had as a kid. Not to say your model is looking like a toy.


No crits on the basic model. Looks really nice.

The bunp map you have for the panels and the rivets looks way too low quality and makes it look really bad. Sorry, but that’s the onlyy way I can think of saying it. You need to make a higher resolution texture for it and as mentioned above, add more colours, etc. to it.


I have added stabilizers to each leg to support the ankle. The feet are big in order to distribute the weight over a large area when walking on a soft surface. I am going to leave the colour as is for now, but will modify this when I learn how to UV map. I will redo the texture map at that time also. Does anyone know where to find the definitive simple tutorial on UV mapping? The ones I have found all seem to leave out a step or forget to mention a switch that needs to be turned on or off.


I really like the model, looks like you put a lot of thought into this. Can’t wait to see what you do when you figure out how to UVmap it. One thing though, I don’t understand how it can walk. It doesn’t have a hip which can distribute the weight of the body as one leg lifts to take a step. Everything else looks good about it though. Perhaps I’m just not seeing something. If you have done any of the UVmapping tutorials they all give you “most” of what you need to know, whatever you don’t understand or problems that happen just ask here and I’m sure someone will be able to tell you what to do next. I know BgDM takes PM’s and is great at mapping, might try him.

that is really quite cool, i love it :smiley:

I was wondering when someone would ask about the side to side motion. At the lower rear of the toad there is a very flat sphere which houses a counterbalance. This counterbalance is gyro controlled and made from a very dense material which pivots back and forth inside the housing, thus eliminating any rocking motion normally encountered while walking. This is assisted by the inside “toes” being very close together.

Fair enough, sounds good to me! Was going to say something about those inner toes too but didn’t, not I understand. :smiley:

The feet still seem big but the added support will help out quite a bit. I put the photolink in so you could see a toads foot… Perhaps get some ideas on one… The added support will give you a chance to push off with the foot as well as cushion the footfall when the foot comes back down again.