Toaster: BG comp

I have finished the toaster, entering BG competition for the first time. Inspiration came from . It is an amazing capture and has a DD award. I tried to catch the similar look.
Cycles : 2000 passes, HDRI + mesh lighting
Post : Photoshop
Watch in High resolution for details. Hope you like it.

EDIT: - Fixed Edges of motion blur


not bad but the blur looks all wrong. It looks like the toast is blurred but it’s not moving.

Ok, can you suggest how to make it right?

well, since cycles doesn’t have real motion blur yet, I’m not really sure, but you might try doing the motion blur in BI and then compositing the toast slices in. Right now it looks a little strange because the blur on the toast itself seems a lot larger than the ‘trail’ of motion blur.

ok thanks, i’ll fix that out.

Besides the motion blur issue, the whole scene looks to clean and perfect to be real.
In reality there is always little imperfection and tiny details which a human eye usually overlook, but which are important to make it believable.
I would add some scratches to the toaster, little burning marks on the edge of the vents, some bread-crumbs etc.

What I like is the lightening, atmosphere and the toast material :yes:

I understand that, I’ve added few scratches on toaster if you look closely, and some marks too. But I didn’t wanted to overdo it, if you looks closely, the original reference scene is more clear and so much perfect, except it has jam on breads, which was certainly out of my reach. Thanks for the advice.

I’ve fixed Edges but I’m late for the competition to submit fixed image.

File is available to download on Blendswap:

nice job! looks really good to me. The motion blur doesn’t quite look right like noted above, but everything else is really good.