Tobacco Box Recreation

Looking for some feedback on my project. This is the start of a personal challenge to recreate as accurately as possible several pieces from the Art Institute of Chicago. This piece is based on a German tobacco box from1750/60 by Abraham Roentgen. I hope to have one or two pieces done every week.

My recreation

Reference Photo.

Great Project. Model looks dead on to me.
Metal patina needs work if you want to be 100%.

That’s a good looking box and model of it.
Maybe the handle looks alittle too good on your model. And the metal needs some love. It looks like brand new gold. Wish I could help you with some advice how to produce old looking metal but I’m a newbie myself. Maybe you could use texture paint mode in blender to darken the metal?

I find that the gold rim and wood don’t really match- the gold is too perfect to match the box (with dents all over)
You should make the gold look a bit more rough.