Today I'm FORTY!

Eeek! I’m old:frowning:

So far I haven’t gotten anything for Christmas or my birthday…

… but my boyfriend is coming to visit on Friday, so that will be a treat!

And I did get myself a couple of presents! A K2 radio, and a week-long road trip vacation!

You can see pictures of both here:

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc!


P.S. My New Year’s Resolution? Find more time for Blender!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sarah!


I’m almost there myself.

sarah, you spring chicken you! Yak ya in a couple of years! Happy birthday! ( Mine is coming up in a few days, I have stopped counting the years, it is only time) :slight_smile: Besides, Capricorns rule!
More here.

I’m 41, so no sympathy here!!!

Happy Birthday you old-timer! :smiley:

Happy Birthday.

Heh…me to in little over a month…40…gah!

Oh well - happy birthday!

As it is your birthday Sarah. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You know what i was not on the forum at the Christmas so Merry Christmas to all. and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.:cool:

It’s not so bad, is it? I’m having fun in my 40s - wife calls it my anti-midlife crisis. Felicitations Sarah!

Happy Bithday tooo yoouuu! :smiley:

the inside is much more important than the age … etc
happy birthday .

Great! Happy birthday Sarah! I’m 36 now, so I’m also on my way :wink:
I think it’s a great age to be: still young to do plenty of stuff (realize your dreams), evolved spirit, perfect combo! :smiley: Enjoy it!

ps. Nice pics…no pics of you?

happy birthday and many more happy ones to come! :slight_smile:

happy B day :smiley:

At this site you’ll be forty birthday -day for many many days . . .

Heh I’m 40 in may. How’s wrinkles and stuff?

WOW!!! I’m 20! How ironic! we were born on the same day I’m half your age… time is relative…
should I get you a blender model for you?