Todays Little Test (table in a room) (updated 12/14/02)

(Darkelfv) #1

I did all of this in about 3 hours. I was messing around with glass and wood and carpet here. I think I might soften up the shadows a bit.

Questions? Comments?

(Detritus) #2

I think that the lightning is to bright. More shadows, more unlit spots, more mood.

(banana_sock) #3

the table seems a bit high to me, and it has two different textures that don’t quite match well. I like the rest, but what is up with the wall?

(Rhysy 2) #4

If it wasn’t for the shadows (need more samples) and the peculiar dark patches on the table, I’d say you uploaded your reference pic by mistake !

(Darkelfv) #5

Update, Softened the lights, and fixed the desk. In the begining I made all of the background stuff just to put a glass on. It turned out pretty good IMO. The wallpaper is a wallpaper pic i found on the net, its just a hunting party for fox hunting. :slight_smile:
Comments? Sugestions?

(Darkelfv) #6

Ok last update for tonight, bed time. Here is a radiosity test, I didn’t take to much time to fix the textures or glass, but its more of a moody shot so i thought i would throw it on. Comments Questions?

(BgDM) #7

The texturing on the table looks great. The glass needs a little more work. Turn up the SPEC and HARD to full, or almost full and it will look better.

The wallpaer texture needs to be scaled down. It looks way too big and overpowering compared to the scale of the table. See how that looks.


(Darkelfv) #8

Thx I will try that!!