ToF sensor in upcoming iPhone to allow 3D mapping of surroundings

The “Lidar” laser projection true-depth camera currently in the iPhones has already made an impact in 3D, mostly in the realm of motion tracking.

I wonder if this new sensor will be taken advantage of too?!
Maybe more accurate photo scanning since it will use infrared…

How is this different from the Samsung Galaxy S series ToF sensors?

It’s not different than any time of ToF sensor. I’m just curious if this with the combined Dot Matrix sensor that iPhones use for face tracking would add any real world 3D benefits.

From past research the software companies that make face motion tracking software for phones have limited it to iPhones only. I assuming because it’s the only company with the “Dot Matrix” projector and sensors.

I’ve recently seen a couple of developers making Blender Mocap add-ons for iphones. I wanted to throw this info out there asking the experts if this means any added advantages.


So when are the Samsungs gonna get this “Dot matrix” thing??

I ran across this from the iFixit site, infrared photos comparing the iPad’s “ToF” sensor (Lidar) to the iPhones Dot matrix sensor (Face ID).
You can see with the Dot matrix that it’s projecting thousands of points to reference versus the Lidar which may only be using a couple hundred, hence the incredible accuracy of the Face ID system.