Toggle Brush/Eraser

In texture paint mode I wanted to quickly switch between the brush and the eraser with hotkeys instead of constantly going into the blend mode dropdown, so I have made a basic script to set keybinds for it.

This will add keybinds for Brush (Mix) to the B key and Brush (Erase Alpha) to the E key.

Additionally, I also included some other keybinds for the other tools, but if you don’t want any of these keybinds you can remove them from the code.

These are all of the keybinds:

  • B - Toggle Brush (Mix)
  • E - Toggle Brush (Erase Alpha)
  • W - Toggle Soften
  • D - Toggle Smear
  • C - Toggle Clone
  • G - Toggle Fill
  • Space - Context Menu

Download Link

I hope it helps you.

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