Toggle "Deform" property script

Hi folks!

I think the tittle says quite it all: I need a script which allows me to toggle the “deform” property of a bone for multiple bones a t a time. I would write and share such a script myself, but I lack the knowledge :confused:

I’d like to be able to do so by selection and/or through naming conventions (such as Nathan Vegdal’s DEF_bonename, CTR_bonename, MCH_bonename, which I use for all my rigs).

I’d LOVE if anyone could writhe this script and be extremely grateful if a kind person could give me some advice about how to write the script myself. I’ve just started to learn python (as blender’s scripting language) so I have little clue about what funcions to call and how.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Can you found the script? Something so basic is too dificult.
In script blender cannot let you to change this property. Strange…