Toggle local view - selected?

Is it possible, to have local view toggle always work on selected, even when changing selection?

At the moment local view isolate the current selection, but when selecting other objects in the outline, it stays the same. Some people might like that, but I find it useful to always focus on my selection. Especially on dense scenes with lot objects.

Currently its only achieve able by double execute the action. Maybe I have to script hat.

No, I am afraid not. But I have to say that’s a splendid idea, and actually makes a lot of sense when the isolation mode recognizes that the user wants to switch to another selected object (or other selected objects) in the outliner.

Because currently is feels buggy: when another object is selected in the outliner while working in isolation mode, nothing (visually) happens.

Definitely worth a feature request.

Yeah, its even going further. In Blender you can select a hidden object and go into edit mode, but you won’t see anything. Thats highly logical and like other operation on hidden object not really a good workflow. I don’t see a reason why hidden object should be locked, its all about making them hidden, but locking is a total different thing.

So when ever doing edit on a hidden object it should appear… and maybe its linked objects not… another thing that irritates and cost performance.