Toggle UV Select


Toggle selection uv is a script I wrote to make Blenders functionality in the UV editor a little more user friendly. The script is a tweaked version of Blenders native “sync” mode and adds a lot of useful features, Have a look at the tutorial here:

You can download it on my Gumroad page:


  1. Open your preferences window choose “install from file” and find the
    “toggle UV Selection” under the UV Tab and activate it.

  2. Select a shortcut in the preferences.

  3. Enjoy.

Before you install this script be 100% Sure that you backup your Blender!

This script has a function that locks the uv lines from being moved inside the uv editor once you activate the “sync” mode. Since Blender does not have any built in function for this I decided to simply deactivate the commands for rotate,scale,move temporary when the sync mode is on. After some trial and error I noticed that if you save your settings in the preferences while “sync” mode is activated Blender can turn off some the native keyslots for rotate,scale,move in your input screen (see attached picture). To Prevent this I decided to build in a function that back up your keys so this should not be a problem, but be aware of this. This script will not change Blenders default sync mode so if you still want to use that it will work perfectly together with this script.

If you have any suggestions, noticed any bugs or simply would like to help me make this script even better I would love to hear from you, ENJOY!

Mail: [email protected]
Skype: Jimpaw80
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Very very cool job

Thanks, Still a lot of improvements to make.

Its seem quite handy… just found it on github. I did found one issue though

When im on UV mode on and go to the 3d viewport and unhide everything manual your script doesnt work properly no more. I think it looks at some variable which checks if something thing is true or false. WHen ive manually unhide the other objects in the 3d viewport, nothing is hidden when i use the addon again.

okay found the cause. Because your script hides everything except the selected, when i un-hide it in object mode in 3d viewport and then use your script again, all is selected. I simplu de-select in 3d viewport and it works again.

When you go out of the UV mode you always go back to the first selection, could there be a option to toggle this on or off. Switching between the 2 modes also gives different selections.

Is it a idea to set the zoom amount to a certain number?

When i exit the UV mode it always turns to textured mode, it doesnt remember if it was solid, wire or other

This script was something i did quite fast. I will do my best to try to update it once i get time. Generally i try to create a lot of options so users can make it work exactly as they want, and i think all of your suggestions are great. The fact that it does not remember what texture mode you were in after you exit is a bug and i will fix that for sure.


I set it to solid now, as thats the state i mostly work in. I dont know python or the code very well, but it should be very easy to catch the state and save it as a variable and the recall that when its deactivated right?

Yeah i would think so. I can’t program myself either.

Thanks again!

okay, how did you toggle this together then, some googling?

Perhaps ill do the same and see if i can find the solution to that part then.

I tried by adding this part above the current shade type settings

shade_3dview = space.viewport_shade[0]

this gives me this error, i thought by adding the brackets at the end it will catch which state it is currently. But again, im dont understand python. Did some minor AS flash scripting many years back.

Traceback (most recent call last): File “/Users/romboutversluijs/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.77/scripts/addons/”, line 469, in execute
File “/Users/romboutversluijs/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.77/scripts/addons/”, line 446, in deactivate
space.viewport_shade = shade_3dview#‘SOLID’
TypeError: bpy_struct: item.attr = val: enum “W” not found in (‘BOUNDBOX’, ‘WIREFRAME’, ‘SOLID’, ‘TEXTURED’, ‘MATERIAL’)

location: <unknown location>:-1

I hire a programmer for all my scripts, so i do no coding whatsoever, i just design the addons and do alot of beta testing.