When you use these logic bricks

Property GunOut TRUE--AND---Property Assign Gunout FALSE
Keyboard SpaceBar----/   \--Action PutAway (or whatever it is)

Property GunOut FALSE--AND---Property Assign Gunout TRUE
Keyboard SpaceBar-----/   \--Action TakeOut(or whatever it is)

then it makes you toggle too fast…

THat’s why I made this file… It’s based on time distances… explore the blend file… :smiley:

That is good, if you like logic bricks, but I do a simmilar thing with python.

Well I dind’t look at the blend yet (I’m internetting on my server, pentium 1, 166 mhz) but with python it is possible too.
I create a player that has around 10 sensors, 12 actuators connected to 1 controller running a python script in combination of 7 properties. The python script did:

  • move player forwards/backwards
  • rotate player left/right
  • rotate turret left/right
  • shoot missiles
  • ammo system
  • health system
  • move only on collision with ground
  • respawn afther you died
  • get positions
    and a lot more using 1 controller switching properties on/off to activate things. Like a calling center for telephones. This happened without fps lag, even faster then logic bricks only, when you looked at the logic % in game profile. :smiley:
    By goal was creating 1 big player script, 1 ai script, 1 world script and 1 console script, then using only these scripts inside the game. A 4 python scripts blender game. :slight_smile: