Toggling Subdivision and smoothing at the same time

New Blender user here. Is there a function or addon to globally toggle smooth shading?

When modeling with subD’s I like having the shading faceted, but obviously want to see it smooth when I turn the subD modifier on. I figured out how to use the Simplify to turn subD on/off on all meshes with one button, but this doesn’t change the smoothing. So I have to go into every object, select all and adjust smooth shading whenever I want to preview my model.

Is there a way to toggle [smooth shading off/subD off] and [smooth shading on/subD on] with one hotkey? In Modo I usually do this with the Tab key.



Appreciate any help with this :slight_smile:

there is no key to do this for all objects, though it could be made in python.
But it might be a bit complex to code since an object can have both hard and smooth surfaces…

Maybe a tip:
Note the difference subdiv for render and for preview, having a lower preview subdiv gives a nice impression on how it looks like while you keep surface smoothing, but when rendering you can set it higher so your sure its perfect. i usually do 1 or 2 preview subdiv not for rendering i more. So while editing my objects it wont slow down my machine but it depends on hardware, too.
enabling opensubdiv might gain you some screen update speed too.

Indeed I realized this needed some scripting work, and a helpful soul on Stackexchange wrote such a script:
I never set any edge smoothing manually, so that’s not an issue for me. Hopefully this can be of use to someone else as well.

Yes, I figured there needed to be scripting involved, and a helpful soul over at StackExchange actually wrote such a script:
I don’t really use the smoothing functions on parts of the mesh anyway, so it works great. Hope this will be useful for others too.

Hey @plundh,

I’m also a modo user trying Blender. So I have the same question.
Can you specify what are you using nowadays for toggling SubD and back?

I’ve tried the link above. Created .py file and installed it as described. However Blender doesn’t recognize “object.subsmooth” command at all…


I mentioned this addon in

its one of the first addons I start to use in blender

Thank you @APEC, I’ve already seen it. But I thought it’s almost identical to the standard one (ctrl+1,2).
I definitely should try your instruction to remap it :+1: