Togruta Jedi

Hello all, this is my latest blend. Rendered with Blender internal, made with 2.53.

Originally I had done the Depth of Field and Glare effects with the compositor but when I scaled up the image to full size it was too slow and crashed more often than I liked. So I rendered out a depth map to use in photoshop for the DoF. I was using the Gimp up until then for texture painting but I’m still getting my sea legs with it.

I’m also planning on doing a stereoscope of this one. I did a really cheap one using the map->Displace tool in Gimp using the depth map as the input. Pic attached if you feel like crossing your eyes at it.

Direct Image Link if the attachments aren’t working:

Comment and Critiques very welcome. If anyone wants to know how I made any portion or for sample .blend files let me know.


Not too bad, I wonder why there arent more comments here…

Nice. Try toning down that glare on the lights though. Really bright.

The lightsabers are also a little on the short side. Still, very cool.

I’d love to see some wires.

I turned down the glare and did a wireframe view. There is a lot of geometry though so the wireframe looks a little cluttered.

Funkyoshi, I hate to come off as the know-it-all star wars geek, but there is such a thing as a short lightsaber. Haven’t seen them anywhere outside of KotOR though.

As for turquoiserabbit. Good work.

WOAH WOAH WOAH - what about in official G cannon? Yoda’s lightsaber anyone? hahahah

To be honest, I considered the length when I was designing the character and shortened them slightly as a function of being a regular dual wielder. Also the angle they got rendered at might be making them look shorter. Also, many Jedi lightsabers have length adjustment dials (whether it be internal or external).

Anyway, enough nerdiness for me, thank you for the comments so far!