[ Toilet ] - [ 20 Minutes ]




Is that really what your toilets look like? Strange…
The ones in California are a lot different.

Yeah, ours has a crescent moon on the door… and a Sears catalog inside with a lot of pages missing…

wow nice render marsan!

Thanks jeeps.
@samf: Yeah we got pretty kewl toilets in Europe.

I’m used to ones that look like this.


It is a good thing I don’t live in Asia. They use this for their ahem needs.


very nice material and lighting marsan!

Uhm ok. But no one can tell us exactly how to model a toilet. Its a freedom of a artist to make a toilet like he wants. I went for new design in my toilet and i didnt use any refs.

@BackiZ: Thanks. Appriciate it very much when it`s coming from you.

@Samf: Doesent american toilet look like this??:


Only if you can afford it… =(

This one is for efficiency.

Is that a water cooled display on that thing? =P

Couple that with a hinged plastic cover to conceal your lower half, I’ll say it’s a pretty good mobile toilet bowl. But lol, the flush and plumbing… will leave an unsightly trail.:smiley: