Toilet field-

Hello Everyone-
I’ve been using blender for about a month. I am working on a series of “remediation sites” for an art show I will be having in a couple months. I am making images exploring ways one can bring contaminated landscapes back to life, in the future when everything will be pretty much scorched. My thesis is kinda bleak. :wink:

anyway the following image I think will be called “Humus Colony”. It depicts the use of composting toilets (they exist) in soil remediation. It’s about half way done, I need to add a few people and some mushrooms and dirt inside the tanks, which will give the image a lot more context… plus this is “soil” remediation and needs to to be just as desolate but not a sandy desert.
I have some other gripes listed below.

I could use some feedback of course, but just for my newbie sake, please give the keystroke/tutorial/method for any suggestion. Thanks a ton.

Here’s What I like about it:

  1. I want it to look like an architectural rendering (with a little Doom 2 thrown in) as opposed to a pixar scene, So I feel that I have managed to walk a fine line between the two and will probably continue in this style.
  2. I like the toilets, and the mountains in the back, they create a nice expansive space and are a mix between a national park and castle greyskull, very brooding.
  3. I like the way the rocks stick out of the ground, as if the sandy terrain has arrived there over time.

What i don’t like:

  1. Major persprective problems with the toilets going into the background, which I need to work on.
  2. The rocks don’t produce shadows against the sandy looking ground. I’m not going to super realistic but would like a little shadow. maybe it’s my lamp. They also look waxy due to the subsurf that I added before the render
  3. The un-tiled ground texture, I’m thinking about doing a soil-gravel from scratch and getting rid of the tiled. image
  4. ditto for the rocks, i think I could do better with a procedural.
  5. The lighting is all screwed up. Right now it’s a basic sunlamp, and there’s a spotlight kinda in the middle that I’d like to get rid of. it’s just kinda boring and doesn’t match the perceived light source coming off the horizon.

Anyway this board has been immensely helpful for me and since this is my first WIP post I want to say thanks to everyone who have helped get me to this point.
I greatly appreciate the feedback.