Toity! A necessary work of art.


My first Finished Project post.

Everyone uses one and needs one. This is for episode two of a cartoon I work on .


Looks like your making use of the new shaders :slight_smile: Models and mats look good. I would really like to see the cartoons as well


Thanks for the kind words.

I’ve been using Tuhopuu for a while. I started them in Tuhopuu and then finished them in 2.28. I have to say that 2.28 is very very good.

As far as the cartoon goes, when everything is ready I will post a message and link. We have the one ep in the can but have to wait until we have a couple more ready before we can turn them loose.



“in the can” and “turn them loose” :wink:

Good God I love toilet humour!! :smiley:

Great toilets BTW!!