Tokamak physics engine went open-source!!! Now how to use it in blender???

Tokamak physics engine just went open-source

Lets put it in blender! :evilgrin:

I mean bullet is great, but Tokamak is faster and more efficient for games. If Blender is seriously looking at making commercial quality games, it needs faster physics calculation.

If anyone can point me in the right direction as to how to go about using Tokamak in blender, please post a response so we can take advantage of the moment! Muhaha!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

looks very interesting.:slight_smile: maybe a bge developer can implement it in blender try sending PM to one.
well i dont know exactly but using Tokamak in blender wud require coding blender from source and compiling
i am unaware of that maybe some one with better knowledge will help.

Bullet is a fantastic physics library that’s even being used in AAA titles. So, there isn’t really much need to go through the work (and yes, there would be a lot of it) to integrate another physics engine when Bullet works. The time would be much better spent getting the BGE to take full advantage of all that Bullet has to offer. :wink:

Occording to the link you provide Tokamak went open source in May 2007, and it also seems to be far less advanced than Bullet (no soft bodies for instance). And I’m not aware of any recent commercial games actually using it.

But maybe this thread is some sort of joke and I’m not getting it…

Bullet is very commonly used I games, I remember once seeing a list of the most used physics libraries used and Bullet came in at second or third.

If you want commercial quality physics, use commercial physics :wink:

ok i agree bullet is far more better than this.:slight_smile:

Bullet would actually be much faster then Tokamak if the implementation in the BGE was able to use the engine’s ability to use multiple cores and OpenCL.

Tokamak is dead, ODE is slowly being abandoned by other engines and is not developed much at all either, Bullet is the way to go when it comes to open source physics engines.

:ba: What a bunch of losers! :ba:

Bullet sucks!

Look at the run-times! Look at the facts! I mean come on!!!

Now that I’m done ranting, I’ll explain. Plz, don’t freak out. :eek::eek::eek:

Bullet is more accurate, but how does accuracy count when it takes a lifetime to actually load the game. This Tokamak physics engine posses abilities Bullet doesn’t have, like a flawless rag-doll system, a break system, a better car-wrapper, and particle like systems. I believe that these meager abilities are far more advanced than Bullet for good reasons.

I’m serious. For me, bullet is great for animation, but sucks for games. OK, maybe bullet has great soft-body physics, but you really need both bullet and Tokamak.

I’d pay top dollar for this physics system, and someday you’ll understand that what I say really is useful. Until then I hope some wonderful person will integrate Tokamak physics engine into blender.

hmm… i shud get out of here. tell me when ur done with fighting.

if the thing is about a physics system for games how about nvidia physX it does have a break system and much more stuff.

and many commercial games are using it.

Please provide some numbers if you want to compare speed. Also, Bullet isn’t the biggest contributer to load time, it’s the converter.

And things like vehicle physics just require better integration. Don’t judge Bullet purely on how the BGE uses it, because the BGE needs a lot of help in that department. :wink:

or maybe we shud stick to bullet and try to take advantage of all its features

There’s a lot more features in Bullet then what the BGE uses.

There is now a large number of features Bullet has that the BGE does not even have basic support for, I believe it does support skinned meshes, automatic joint breaking, high speed collision detection, collision layers, and more features that the BGE is not using.

Also, professional AAA developers and even big budget movie studios is using Bullet, see the official website here

I think that people will keep want the blender to change but in some aspects they dont realise that isnt is the blender that is blocking the possibilities!
Im not telling that this is you D.C. but Im tired of people complaining about the BGE saying that it impossible to do this or that, I tell for all them learn how the program work and the basics of game engine and then start maybe they realise that the big problem isn is the bge but themselfs.
Im not saying that BGE is that good, it s outdate, but its enough for me for now.

Thanks to the dragons post I can now tell you the source of my claim :stuck_out_tongue:

ok…well, maybe bullet doesn’t really suck. But maybe by implementing a new physics engine developers could learn some new tricks. Ya know, if you do something ever-so-many times, you become an expert at it…

:ba: Why the heck don’t you guys impliment ALL of Bullets features into the BGE? :ba:

I mean, whats the use of only half bullets abilities??? If there is some kind of problem with the interface between bullet and the BGE, Fix It!!! Why waist around with something half as good? :confused:

One of the things I think the Tokamak physics engine rocks in is that you can control how detailed you want the collisions to be. and you have some extraordinarily better run-times and rag-dolls…

So to sum up :evilgrin: I want someone to either implement Tokamak physics engine into blender, or pimp up bullet to it’s full standards.

PS. you still haven’t convinced me of bullets superiority in run-time capabilities :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and Andrew-101, I don’t want commercial quality physics, I want unreal speed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a Blender/BGE source code and implement it by yourself.

Nobody has to convince you of anything. Those who you’d want to be convinced are the developers. Unless you are able to do the developement yourself or a developer feels it’s worth his precious time and effort to implement it, above other BGE improvements, it’s not going to happen.

D.C please show the developers some respect, they are making a free open source program for you. Every attempt at something at this scale (like ogre integration) has failed because there is so much work involved.