Tokyo girl

Not quite skinned jet… Working on it … =>

Looks like you’ve got a good thing going there! It appears that the front of her neck (i.e. the collar) looks a bit flat or squarish though, but I assume it’s because you have not got around to go there yet.

it looks great, but her chin seems a bit wide.

That is the best eyes I’ve seen yet.
Eyes, eyebraws and forhead looks just great. Very good!

Nose, mouth, ears and chin needs work. Nose, mouth and chin looks a little too big in my opinion. Looks male like :confused:

I agree with [email protected] about the male looks. But hey this is by farmost the best attempt at a human face I’ve seen to this day.

Great work


Thanks guy’s ! :smiley: I allmost finished body, I’ll upload it as soon as possible!