Tom Holland / Spider-man 3D Model (Real-Time)

Here’s my Tom Holland model rendered in a game engine,marmoset toolbag 3 to be exact…
Modelled in blender,sculpting in zbrush,textured in photoshop and zbrush.
Feel free to contact me if you want this model


@George_siskas hello,
I really need Tom Holland 3D Model. I work for Spiderman far from home mod for 3d game. i work in 3ds Max and BLENDER. Can you please sent me 3D model of Tom Holland in .FBX format?

Check for dm :wink:

I also have Tom Holland 3D model. however, yours is more like Tom Holland and more realistic. Y

ours is better

Check your dm for more information :wink:

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Can you upload 3d Model Tom holland to sketchfab?

now available on sketchfab :wink:

any chance i could get this for a blender project?

You can buy here!

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