Tomato Branch - Motion tracking???

Hi there I have been using tomato branch for a while and did some tutorials. i see that you can do Camera Tracking but is it possible to do motion tracking?

For example if you have a scene where the camera is steady but you want to track a person moving across the set, how can you track the actor and place a mesh object correctly along the video? Like making a Sparta remix, placing the head of Leonidas over the video.


Track to empty, not sure where that hides now. Perhaps in reconstruction.

Yes but you need multiple camera views and you would need to make sure the scales were right and you apply the right axis transformations from each view and some track points will be covered and oh the complexity sigh

Sorry what are the multiple camera angles for, arent they trying to track an object as it moves across just 1 shot? You may need 2 tracks for rotation or scaling effects. Remember that you arent doing actual reconstruction, just 2D movement tracking so shoot with ortho camera.

The easiest way to do it would just be to use After Effects or something like that, layer it and then make the path yourself.

Sure, but the easiest way is not the Blendiest way though. Also the OP may not have access to AE…

Haha fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: Surely you could do this in the compositor/vse?

2d tracking was completed in blender(tomato) first. It is essentially point tracking. You can then create empties with those tracked points. Then you can use those as hooks to move vertices, allowing you to four corner pinning. This is without solving the camera. So you can track a object across the screen then add to it or replace(complex).

3d tracking is in blender too. Allowing you to place objects in 3d space representing the captured screen(after a camera solve).