Tomato Branch Testing

This is a thread to post test footage and examples of the Blender Tomato branch / libmv - GsoC Camera tracking integration.

Here’s a few of my tests and I’ll post more as I get the hang of this better and the branch improves (though it is already pretty awesome)

seems interesting but

can you also give a brief description of what this project is about and waht you did here !

happy 2.5

I think it’s a test for blender’s new 2D motion/camera tracking, which means that you don’t have to rotoscope camera movement to match the video. I think.

very nice examples, is there somewhere you are getting your video footage from?

@RickyBlender - post edited, good suggestion.

@Minkovsky - yup, but it’s capable of 3d tracking (right now it helps a lot to know focal length, but I didn’t on these)

@stuart.t - thanks. footage is from a set I designed. some guy had a xl2 so I asked him to tape some of the sets. Unfortunately most of it is unusable, but I got a few shots I could play with. I’m tapped though, need to find some more footage to play with.

Hum !
Still unclear to me what it does!

is it like camera track a specific object in scene like - Empty constraint to camera then the camera moves around or on a path whitout loosing track of the object ?

Thanks for any clarifications

happy 2.5