Tomato: Broken reconstruction on windows

Hi there everyone,

I’m having a reconstruction issue when building a recent version of the tomato branch on Windows 64 bit with cmake and Visual Studio 2010.

The problem is that even though there are plenty of good tracks most of the reconstructed points are directly ON the camera and the rest is nearly nowhere where it should be. (Of course the camera path isn’t right either ;))

To rule out usage errors of me I did repeated the exact same steps with the same footage and an identical fresh build (same version) on my Ubuntu (Linux 64 bit) and it worked flawless (this means the tracking and the reconstructed points are ok).

I’m not sure whether this is a good place to post such a problem but I would be interested whether anyone else had this issues?



I think the best is to talk with the developer on #blendercoders
His name on irc is naz-gul or naz.
He is very helpfull and interested to fix problems for his baby :slight_smile:

Cheers mib

Hi there. One problem might be the the first and second reconstruction initialization key-frames. I have found that they have to be picked very well for the reconstruction to look good (or even work). Well hope that helps.

You have to set the scene scale and origin, something that the reconstruction doesn’t do automatically

Select two points that are active in the current frame then input the distance in blender units between them then click scale.

Select a single track point then click set origin

What does origin mean then, what kind of track point should I choose?


Unfortunately we are really got problems with reconstruction on windows. It is problem inside one of used third party libraries for system optimizations. I looked like disabling optimization for extern/libmv solved that issues for msvc2008, but i can’t check this with msvc2010. And i don’t think i want to spend time on solving this problem atm – this library would be replaced soon with more powerful library.

About origin. It is track which would have position (0, 0, 0) in scene space when you’ll click button “Set Origin”. It’s simple enough :slight_smile: