Tomato Hangin'

Haha! Well, inspired by this week’s Weekly CG Challenge, I decided to try to make something a little out of the box… i discussed the topic with my parents, and I wanted a tomato to be dying on a stem, and they suggested him being hung on spaghetti… So yeah, that’s it… If you’re a tomato, never, ever, ever, commit treason against the tyrannical spaghetti government :wink:

500 Samples
Blender 2.75
Sample Image:

Final Render:

Clay Render

Any comments? Anybody?

Hi, first things first, I’m not sent by the Tomatoes dissidence ! :smiley:

I like the atmosphere of your render but I find your tomato’s leaves a bit too thick and what the rope is supposed to be made of ? Spaghetti ? I can’t see that, it looks like a plastic rope unfortunately :frowning: And the last typical thing would be rendering with a higher sample option :slight_smile:

It’s still a great work to me ! I’m a newbie so don’t take my comment to harsh :slight_smile:

It’s a nice little scene but feels a tad incomplete. Materials wise…the tomato/spaghetti could use some Subsurface scattering, stronger reflections on the tomato and perhaps some translucency for the leaves.

But the main issue is the scene itself. It’s mostly dominated by an out of focus background and floaty particles…just not all that interesting to be honest. Fill the sides with something…perhaps a platform where the evil spaghetti king is standing on a platform watching…or more tomatoes in line waiting for their end…or both.

Also, give that tomato some life…maybe some sad eyes? It’ll look more like hangin’ than a danglin’ object. :slight_smile:

Wow… Okay, thanks guys :slight_smile: Unfortunetly no time at this point, but those are some dang cool ideas :smiley: