Tomato Test

Tracking is pretty bad but i wanted to get this video out today because I’m gonna be super busy this week
Footage from video copilot

node setup

Cool, but why are you despilling after the key? Won’t that affect the background too? Is the vignette just a group node of distort etc.?

I didn’t key out all the green because I wanted to preserve the reflections and the grime on the window
watch the video again and focus on the window and you’ll see the drivers reflection

The despill node didn’t affect the background. I will have to test it with a different background

yes the vignette is combination of distort+math+blur

tested moving the despill node to before the alpha over node and it made no difference
im only going to show one pic because they both look exactly the same

Lol. Cool.

Wow, the channel key is sooo good. Nice track BTW.

for the second test i was able to get a more noticeable reflections on the window by setting the low to 0 in the channel key node