Tomatoes (SSS) - UPD with no SSS

(enricoceric) #1


Here is another result based on the recent SSS shader provided by Brecht. SSS is very useful to get such a discret translucy, just great for tomato skin. I really enjoy this new feature.

Modelled with Blender
Rendered with Blender internal with SSS patch

To let you see what SSS may add to the result, I added a rendering without activating SSS settings.

With SSS

Without SSS

(Ace Dragon) #2

Wow, the SSS really vaults all sorts of things to new heights in realism:eek:

I wonder what this would look like in a scene with RCruiz’s new radiosity and caustics.

(venge) #3

:eek: Waaaaaaah.

where did you get the shader?

(dodgydavec) #4

What have you been told about posting photos and pretending you raytraced them? huh? lol

(thoro) #5


(system) #6

yess…i would like tomatoes on my sandwich please.

(RobertT) #7

Yummy! =)

And I just had some sliced tomatoes an hour ago in a sandwich.

Yes, fresh food rules =)

Just fix the ever so slight AA issues on the particle hair and it’s 100% real :wink:

Oh, and five stars!


(Jeepster) #8

great work, as always!
it’s perfect, except for the hairs. to me, it sorta takes away from the photorealism
5 stars :slight_smile:

(gat) #9

Forget the sss, your modeling and texturing is what made that so realistic.

(venge) #10

would be nice to see the same render without that SSS…

(FuzzMaster) #11

Can we see the picture without jpeg compression?

(Cuby) #12

Wow! That is absolutely incredible! I don’t think tomato stems are usually quite that hairy, but I may be wrong. The tomato texture is perfect, and could not be any better in any way!

I love the way you’ve even added little deformations to the main body of the tomato, to make it slightly more realistic!


(Kemmler) #13

That is pretty solid, I agree that the hairs on the stem are a little too prominent - maybe make them shorter and a little less alpha on the material.

(enricoceric) #14

Thanks to all,

I made a little update: higher AA, small hairs and less JPEG compression.
I also added a version without SSS to compare, and yes SSS improves the result :wink:

(iluvblender) #15

Holy Tomatoes. Splendid render.

Did you use ramp shading too??

(ecgilboy) #16

Very nice… looks real!

(Wim) #17

Don’t you also have to use SSS on the ‘green’ too? btw, great piece of work!
edit …and how did you do the DOF compositing?

(BlackBoe) #18

He may have done it with the DOF node.

(free_ality) #19

Again, Brilliant work.The SSS looks amazing.

(Craig Jones) #20

I like the sss version, however, is it possible to get better shadows? Is it me, or is the edge line between the red and the green too sharp? I mean, maybe I’m just dumbfounded by the accuracy, too far to give real constructive crits… :slight_smile: Awesome work again!!!