Tomb Exploration/Platform game project

Hello there!!
I’m working on a “little” project.

It will be a story driven game with voice acting based on a Platform/Puzzle/Exploration system.
Basically you have to find your way from one scene to the next one while you being told a story, easy peasy (lemmon squishy :cool:).

A couple of concepts:

My goal is to recreate the style shown in a game called “The World Begins With You”.
I’m not sure yet about the technical approach to use in the level/scene making. All I know is it has to be fast and relatively easy so I can focus in other aspects.

Using Cycles to bake everything in one single texture seems to give me exactly what I’m looking for but I gonna need to use fairly big textures for that and I’m not sure about the maximum size I should use.

Other approach I’m considering is to bake individual elements textures (rubble, rocks, structures…) and, on top, apply the lightning/shadows in a separate baked texture. But that will require more than one UV per model; one for the “global” lightning and one for its own texture, am I right?.. I got no idea of how to do this yet (if is even possible).

I will appreciate your advice.


Hi,…I think, about size of big textures - 2048 or 4096 max.
and individulal elements…you can set diffuse, AO and shadows in one layer in Gimp or Phot…overlayed them…no need more UVs, only one.
Nice project…keep Up!
I looked at Fabian Denter’s game ( Unity engine ) and looks like he is using only material color for assets and
he used great and cheap precomputed realtime GI which is very important.
I think BGE and UPBGE they do not have this?..then bake some nice AO/shadows for static assets…
and use one large texture for AO and shadows
Lighting is very important = painting with light
He also used volumetric lighting

well your base textures should probably be not larger that 2048, most card support larger, but not all…your GI could be baked to a much smaller size…half to a quarter of the base texture size. This is not direct lighting information mind you, just ambient and some bounce/bleed color…on top of that I would use an actual lamp for direct lighting / shadows…but to get it to look right is quite tricky…I tried once and gave up…it was just too time consuming and limiting for what I wanted.
I would also split it all up into smaller ‘chunks’

Nice simple graphics, looks good.

If your texture size is above 2048, you’re doing something wrong.

…it is not true,…you can use such a big resolutions (2048 - 4096 max ) but only exceptionally for close details…the decisive ( for GPU ) are MB not resolution.
…general rule of thumb has been 1024x1024 per 1 square meter.

…you can check out this discussion here

Those are already some Good concepts for the game, remember do your best with the lighting because if your game fails at delivering proper lighting it could just ruin the entire Gameplay Experience.ohh and also focus alot on optimization.

just keep the graphics nice and simple but neat.


@Mistran: While it is possible to go higher, even 8192 on recent cards…the BGE is not Godot, UE4 or Unity…it is an old engine and AFAIK does not support dds textures and other compression techniques…I could be wrong…it just seems it is not well suited for large textures…

also, why would anyone need such a huge texture…I mean if you could make an atlas of every single texture in game…well maybe…but still…???

@JustinBarrett Yes, I agree, I personally, when I used BGE, never used a larger textures than 1024.
About dds ,I think BGE supports it…you can use the Gimp dds plugin.

The thing is that I wanted to make my life easy and bake the whole level in a single texture. First I tried with 2048 and it wasn’t any good so I went for the 4096… better but still blurry.

Is it possible to have two different UVs on a game object?
One for it’s own texture (1024) and another one for the baked “illumination” of the whole level (4096).
I’ve been trying with Texture Atlas but I don’t know if is for that.


Yes, you can but if I’m not wrong…you must set two materials for one object ( like for tree - one for trunk and second for a leaves )
I think, better when you use Lightmap unwraping for a whole level.

…the bad thing is that BGE or UPBGE does not have realtime GI or precomputed GI like modern engines

…I’m already changing my mind. All this is probably gonna go to Unity.
I love BGE but… Is sad how all this technical problems can set you down.

Yes…this is the right decision because the engine is supposed to help…everything has to go smoothly and not fight with the engine without this is the development of the game even so hard and complex…( you loose your time and also slowly motivation and joy )
…you can concentrate more on content and art.
Unity Is a great engine…I personally use Godot engine …also excellent ( after 3.1 release Godot gets Vulkan® renderer…much faster than old OpenGL,etc. )…can you try if you want.

Good luck with the development …this game looks promising.

you can also use vertex color for a bit of GI.