Tomb Raider Main Title look-dev

While at yU+co I had the opportunity to work on the look-dev for the main title for Tomb Raider.
Here’s a selection of frames I created.


How interesting! Love all the details there. Quality work. Were any of them used, anywhere?

Thank you, @Daf57!

These were meant as look-dev prior to the shooting to get a sense of lighting, props, and environment.
The only animated titles were the main on end.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you, @bartv! Much appreciated :smiley:

Very nice, lot of details which are logically arranged. Not usual mess of details, just because of details.

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Thank you @alekba

Glad to hear that!
Keeping it balanced was tricky on the wall with the papers.
I ended up adding them all even though I never rendered a full-view.

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This is curse of 3D :smile:
Many times I see nice, detailed stuff which are not visible in final… add to this DOF - Color Aberration. which further “destroy” hard work … C’est la vie.

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I’m completely in love with the DOF + Chromatic aberation combo, was all this done inside blender ? If so, cycles I guess ? I actually have no idea how to end up with this kinda result.

Good job, this cinematic look is so dope.

Thank you @Chalala!

It’s all rendered in Blender with E-Cycles sometimes with ridiculous rendering times (some frames just a little more than 1min).

The compositing is done in Blackmagic Fusion.

To give you some context these are some of the raw renders


So cool, really dig your style ! :smiley:

Thank you, @Chalala! Appreciated :slight_smile:

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