Tomb Raider

Hello i’m new and i am creating a tomb raider game and i need help the game story of the one i’m creating is;f=13;t=004211

anyway hope fully people will want to help someone game me the lara model and i need to do a lot of work cause i’m new to blender

i need to build an engine crete the levels add triggers cutsscenes…ect.
but like i said i need help it will be a lot of work and i need tutorials and i’m pretty sure it’s going to be a good game it’ll be linked with the rest of the games

but plesase help with this project

i don’t want to spoil the fun but have you asked the original owner of the game-character for their permission yet? i don’t know how fox-y they are compared to other companies but there is nothing more frustrating then getting CnD right before the end (i just say Chrono-Trigger project).

I encourage you to please use the links at the top of the “Blender General” Forum for tutorials.

I wish you good luck on this project and surviving this post unflamed. I’m hoping this community will show the same kindness it has shown in the past to helping people…

a lot of people jus put the legal stuff some whree about who they belong to

thanx for the support

At this stage you absolutely cannot say you are pretty sure it’s going to be a good game. You have to have some idea of what you’re doing first.

And as mentioned, there is a possibility of legal issues with using copyrighted material.

But good luck.

a lot of people jus put the legal stuff some whree about who they belong to[/quote]
unfortunatly this is not enough if the rights holder is a foxer. simply placing a ‘made by xyz’ somewhere in the readme and using his work IS not allowed. you have to ask for the permission to use somebody else property for your own work, especially if it is a franchise still running big.

i hope for you the owner is not a foxer as i’ve seen a lot of projects shut down due to CnD letters homing in suddenly.