Tomjk - Sketchbook


“small naked man amused by big stampy thing”

first pass and viewport renders

I was having issues with another animation so started this one to try to isolate them. Didn’t work out but I liked it enough to finish it. Main thing I was going for with this is a sense of scale (the usual tricks: human for scale, big things move slow, impacts shake camera) and a feeling of loneliness; also an exercise in use of sound.

Sound was made by first finding good-enough matches then adding slowdown, lowpass and reverb/echo as appropriate.

sound credit

bonnyorbit: medium rain dropping on metal surface
aleff-atmos: siren test on koblizna street in brno
aleff-atmos: Heavy Gate Metal 01/02/03 (underground bunker of civil defense, Vsetin City, Club Vesmir)
InspectorJ: Dust Scatter, A.wav (
newagesoup: Hinge Squeak
JamSponge: Water Bubbles and Gurgles

I started with the fluid as dynamic paint waves, then was going to switch to mantaflow fluids. Couldn’t get it into a good shape so scrapped that but did carry over some things I liked the look of (particularly, the way the fluid rolls up against the back wall).

as for what the fluid is… idk, cement

Particles used for falling dust. Had a lot of trouble with this (bakes wouldn’t “stick”) - the problem was using a texture to influence particle density. In the end you can’t really see them anyway, so its supplemented with a moving volume.

Made in Blender 2.90, rendered with Cycles. Sounds from freesound, with some editing and arrangement in Audacity. Video edit and render in kdenlive.

“spring tower”

viewport renders

A physics test, specifically: use of springs; distinct physics and render objects; layering multiple simulations (eg. cloth flags attached to baked physics objects).

physicstest0_share.blend (2.8 MB) (bakes stripped, re-sims will probably look different)

“mechanical suzanne”

made with vanilla blender 2.93.

mechanicalsuzanne0_001.blend (2.1 MB)

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“count forlok”

It’s been a long time since I’ve doodled something silly, so here’s a silly doodle.


sculpt_orlokish0_share.blend (3.8 MB) (model decimated to reduce size)