Tommy Derpling (short comic!)

Something I did when I was bored today. :smiley:
Any comments are welcome!

Kind of lotsa people around this forum are into eating psychedelic mushrooms recently.(just in last week 3 or more threads with magic mushrooms) Is it a season for them?. I’m not at all against it, long live to the psychedelic revolution :), although I don’t eat them anymore.

Anyway, the comix isn’t bad at all for 1 day boring job, just there’s a problem that the joke isn’t built up really well, so it doesn’t make you laugh or something. Sometimes it’s good to build the story back-forth or use a ‘silent’ picture in between, to build up tension.

Haha, yeah. :smiley: No clue how I ended up for this. It was all just kinda random. I just wanted to do something with the model instead of just a simple pic of it.