ToMmY, the abandoned child...

Well, here is my WIP. He is the main character of my first “serious” animation, that’s why I’ve modelled only 3 finger for each hand %| . So, it’s only a render, the real character isn’t like this one, he doesn’t have wings… Well, I’m gonna put here some animation screenshots in these days. Tell me what do you think please. Bye!
Ouch, the image can’t be showed here… Click on the link below, and if it doesn’t work add a space (spacebar) at the end of the URL. If any problem, tell me.

Ok well… if you want critique on your modelling and such you should really provide us with something with a bit more lighting. It’s really hard to see now… Maybe there’s a bit much spec on the skin for realistic skin.

Cool, I thought the lighting was pretty good, and the picture has a nice feel to it. I hope you give him clothes,…and if you do, a good trick is to duplcate a region of your exsisting mesh, and scale out along the normal using alt S.

Thank you for your comments. He’s not gonna have clothes, 'cause… he is an abandoned child :smiley: . The other people form his planet wear clothes, but he is unique. So, you will see the animation. Here I put the model in wire-mode and a screenshot of the animation:

The same with the space in the URL… :frowning: