Well it has been a while sense I have posted here but I recently found the “Grand Space Opera” challenge at CGtalk and that gave me insperation. This is deifnatly NOT going to be entered into the challenge but I so plan on creating my own “Space Opera” scene. This is the Tomohawk LTB (light torpedo bomber). The blister on the bottom is where it carries the torpedos and soon it will have a turret mounted behind the cockpit for anti fighter defense. Its basically a concept scetch right now but I cant draw so I model my concepts :stuck_out_tongue: . C&C welcome

Now onto the details, if I can only figure out what details to add :smiley:

I like it, I like the concept… very space-flight-y
One question: how do you get “LPD” out of “Light torpedo bomber” ?

Good question lol. I was out of it I guess when I posted that and I wasnt paying attention. Thanks for pointing it out I corrected it.

Is this so-named because of its resemblance to a Tomahawk Cruise Missile? If so you might want to consider making this an unmanned craft. Would make modeling easier too! :wink: