Tomorrows Globe

It’s too dark, I can’t see what’s going on.

Naw, not too dark. See, it’s in the future; the globe is being suspended in mid air by whatever forcefield is been given off by the blue ring.

Still way too dark

It is too dark. Unless the future is DARK!! OMG run for the hills!!!

needs work on the texture it looks too flat, dull…

Sry already invented. Go to radio shack they have floating globes :wink:

I havn’t said anything to see what people would say even without imput from me.

As for it being to dark? Perhaps it is, but I created it at a time when the lighting in the room with my computer was really low, and I could see everything quite clearly.

I like it as it is though.

I wanted it to look like it’s night time or the room is empty, something to that effect. Making it dark was a good way to do this, although their had to be atleast a little light, otherwise it would be quite boaring to look at. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like how it brings out the glow of the “base?”

As far as already being invented? :o THEY HAVE GLOBES SUSPENDED BY FORCEFIELDS? :o :wink:


I looked at it on a computer at school and it is to dark.

It looked alot better on my computer screen, but now I think it’s to dark.

I’m not going to change it though.

The shadow’s too hard, and the image is too dark. Also, the ring has visible sides (doesn’t look circular, looks many-sided). Otherwise very nice tho. Cool idea!

Hi again, Cyber. Yeah, it is too dark.

Raises a good point though…is there a way to ‘calibrate’ your monitor so that you know you are seeing the image you are creating correctly?

OK so what is the definition of “correctly” I don’t know…

Perhaps there is a correctl standard of luminosity for NTSC and PAL and we could set our monitors to match that…