Ton Does TED?

I don’t think this has been discussed before, but would anyone else love to see Ton Roosendaal Doing a TED talk, I think he would be a fascinating speaker, and the history of Blender as one of the most ambitious and successful open source movements would be a great topic… Any thoughts?

I dont think. Blender is not a good program, because not popular. Maya, 3dsmax much more popular and have more features.

I dont know what TED is, but as far as Ton doing an in-depth interview in the manner you described above, I would say bring it on, it’d be very interesting. I think abc123 may be being ironic? As in he likes to ape/mock the things noobs might say (sorry abc if Im wrong, either way i find you entertaining :D)

you seem to be able to do only two types of posts: posts concerning you and your work and this bullshit. every time.
shut the f**k up!

Dont feed the Troll :wink:

YES. Just YES. That would be abso-freaking-lutely brilliant :smiley: Get on it, Ton!

I talked to Ton about doing a TED talk before. He basically said he would be open to doing it, but it’s not something he personally would pursue. If he were submitted and approached by them, he would then consider doing it.

You can submit people you think would be good speakers here:

i don’t understand why he isn’t banned already? altough he got warned a few times afaik (he even got voted out of the community with his old nicname endi) he don’t seem to understand how to interact with people and don’t seem willing to learn.
he makes this forum less professional und and a less nice place to visit.

that would be some good publicity for blender as well as the foundation. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Your recommendation has been submitted, and will be taken into consideration by the TED team.

cross your fingers :smiley: