Ton has gone crazy!!

:smiley: It feels like christmas time, 3 months early.

Two nice workflow improvements;

  • Zbuffer clipped selection
    Based on same algos as for drawing (blender polygon offset) vertices, edges
    and faces now are clipped for draw and selection when Zbuffer is used.
    Note that it works for endpoint vertices of edges, and for facecenters.
    Also works for border and circle-select

  • Optimal draw subsurfs
    This now draws optimal with faces and edges selected/unselected, hiding the
    original ‘cage’ (mesh) completely.
    TODO: edge select, which still uses original (invisible) edge.

the rest is also very interesting special the curve deformation tool!!!

blender gets more and more mature!


woah. windows build please.

Wow, backface hiding, there really is a lot going with 2.35, good chance this’ll be bigger then 2.34

And the really cool thing about this all is that blender still fesls like blender. Just from trying what has been done so far in the test builds, it all seems to be implemented really well. I especially like the selection dots in the middle of the faces in face select mode. It helps you differenciate betwean front and back faces. I would have liked it if edge select had something simillar though. Although this will sort it out when you can turn on and off back face culling. Things are looking up.(I still hope that backface culling has a hotkey though. Its amazing how much you’ll need to switch back and forwards.)

why is the original post dated dec of 2003?


I think that’s his join date :o

That’s not the post date :slight_smile:
This is too cool though! Can’t wait to try it out!

Damn, that’s awesome!
Now I don’t have to use Wings anymore because blender has the same features that make wings so great :D!

realy? all the good feature of wings.

It’s now much easier to see what’s going on when modeling in subsurf mode. I notice the glowing edges are only displayed with optimal turned off. I hope they add glowing edges to optimal mode.

The new drawing thing in optimal draw mode will be most helpful as it won’t look like a mess like it usually was before especially with complex meshes. May make to be more fun to model with subdivision surfaces :slight_smile:

Wow, this is awesome! Now I can’t wait for 2.35!

lol the wierd thing is, i checked everyone elses post dates before making that post, and saw THOSE ones correctly. But the only one that I didnt look at correctly was the thread post date…need sleep…

Send the blender foundation money.

Or buy stuff. the book or a brand new t-shirt.

Where is the naughty “Zbuffer clipped selection” icon?
I have downloaded gabio’s build. And I believed that I have seen and tried the little icon on the right of face selection mode hours ago. But cannot find it now no matter in/out edit mode, with/without optimal pressed. Is there something wrong?

The icon is only visible when you are in solid, shaded or textured mode.


I have to admit, that the thing I really love in Wings is the dynamically changeable hotkeys. It’s so unbelievably useful.

That said, I’m finding Blender unrecognisable in a good way these days. Quite stunning work going on. I can’t imagine life before the Yafray integration now.

I bought the Blender 2.3 manual for giving lessons to friends, so I did a donation. I thought it was the last blender manual in the netherlands in store. :slight_smile: