Ton needs your help, filling out some docs. for the new features in the BGE

Yesterday in the Sunday Meeting Minutes, Ton asked this question.

  • Are there going to be game engine docs?

The release log page for the BGE as it is currently is just a dump of commit logs, Ton meanwhile is looking for one or more people with wiki editing privileges to turn the page into something that documents and details the new features with example images.

At the least there is probably a week left before the official release, so anyone interested in doing this should get started right away.

Anyone willing to help him?

I’m up for the task. Any links to follow would be much appreciated.

Blender 2.64 release notes:
Game Engine release notes:

Where would you find a list of the things that will make it into 2.64?

Read the release notes and list of bug fixes ?

Read the release notes and list of bug fixes ?

Sounds like a bit of a paradox.