Ton Roosendaal

hi all :slight_smile:

Probably a stupid question but…
Is it possible to send an e-mail to blender’s daddy ? :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d really love to piss him off with the vision of an old man like he is, and offer him to have a great and nice discuss on many things…

i dunno why i feel the answer will be ‘get lost’…
but who daren’t never wins :stuck_out_tongue:

happy blending !

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[email protected]

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naaaah you cheat :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna get in touch with the prez and you gimme locals :wink:
i’d bet 1 ball that Ton never gets mails from [email protected] except when they come from intel or AMD CEOs…

any other channel please ?

…would be another “channel”

Honestly, I doubt that his private email address will be handed out anywhere, just like that.

I might be wrong.


Hmm… he used to have a email, but if it’s been delisted(can’t be bothered to search through the whole website to be sure) from the website then that’s probably intentional so I’ll leave well enough alone.

Years ago I interacted with brecht and ton in a special “blender issues” area over a model glitch, I’m not sure if that section of the website is still there, I can barely remember it, it was almost like github where top coders posted problems. I was pretty shocked because I recognized brecht as the render coder and here he was looking at my model glitch over several days, and then ton saw right away that this was not an important issue. :smiley:

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I emailed the Blender Institute yesterday about something else and Ton was the one that responded, but I get the feeling that isn’t always the case


yes, up to a few years ago he often replied himself to bug reports or issues with the blender shop and such things.

i guess now he gets way to many emails. :slight_smile:

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