The tree is a combination of mesh model and shaded particle.

And here is a short animation about this tree.
720x480 1’43" 101MB


Both the movie and image are quite interesting. I like both equally, but I don’t think that the still image conveys what the “tree” is. In fact I didn’t even know it was a tree until I read your post (I looked first then read). Very abstract. The movie could have used a bit more AA but overall was really nice, how did you composite it all, wasn’t all with the blender sequencer was it?

I really like the abstract-shakey type style you have going here. It makes it a lot of fun to watch!

The only crit that I have is the fact that “Tonny” (I assume this is the black figure climbing the tree) is not very visible and doen’t seem to grab any of the focus like I think it should. Especially at the end where Tonny is at the top he/she/it is a small spec and barely noticable until you do the highlight thing with the black lines.

BTW you may want to create a smaller version to get more viewers, 101MB may be a bit heafty for a lot of users.

oh its a tree…

I love it.
Y’know, I’m seeing more cool things done with Blender than with a lot of other apps. Fewer Ferraris! More narrative trees and indescribable experiments!

really nice !
You should make a blender splashscreen with this picture :slight_smile:
I really like it.

Excellent use of Blender. I love the surrealism of it.


Inspiring work! The colors are beautiful.



Very nice work.
I love the colors and the overall “atmosphere” of the work that you have created.

Off Topic.

Just curious :slight_smile: , how did your “amelia’s magic” entry in that art contest do? I really liked that work of yours also.

Thanks for viewing!


With AA,transparent sprites are all mixed and become dull.
So I didn’t use AA.

Composite was done with Mirage, add drawing-animation ,then collect color.

Color collect has three steps.
1.Convert movie to chrome colored.(chrome is for emphasize total impression of shading)
2.Mix original movie and 1.
3.Change gamma for output screen.

Mirage is just for drawing.
About color collect,I think same thing can do in Blender with teinte and bright-contr plugin.


Sorry for the file size.
I’ll try to use other codecs and smaller version.

I wanted to make extreme overlooked movie(like some Flash animation,old adventure games).
Maybe the concept doesn’t match Quicktime-movie…


“amelia’s magic” was shown in some event. (JP) (JP)

And now in a DVD “openArt short film selection #1 Party” on sale in Japan!


And now this animation is included in stash DVD vol.18.

For the movie, you forgot to turn on OSA. This is a pity since the textures get blocky and the edges jaggy. Othwersie interesting. I prefer the abstract image though - it’s beautiful.