Ton's 2004 Plans from listserv

I don’t know if this has been posted yet:

From: “Ton Roosendaal” <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: [Bf-committers] 2004 plans

Hi everyone,

I am working - from Blender Foundation perspective - to get some
crucial gaps solved, especially for facilitating all Blender projects
in general. With the excellent pre-sales of the 2.3 book, and some
additional subsidies that most likely comes in, we can expect a couple
of improvements to be realized the coming period.

  1. Improving
    This still runs on a Gforge 3.0 pre-release. It will be upgraded to
    3.2, with hopefully all Gforge features properly working. The target
    for the projects site is to provide the ‘virtual company’ on the web,
    facilitating developers to cooperate on coding projects. I’d love to
    get some feedback on this topic from people here, especially what
    features are missed most, but also ideas how to manage the site better
    (moderators providing news stories, etc).

  2. New portal
    More detailed concepts for this will be presented later, but we
    definitely need more attention for the organization/structure of the
    sites, and a lot more content there ranging from docs, faqs, tutorials
    to a great gallery that shows Blender’s power. This is also based on
    the feedback session we had during the Blender conference. A couple of
    ideas are:

  • make sure our central portal is unmistakingly clear what it is about,
    and where to find stuff.
  • merging the and sites, and efficiently link
    to services other community sites offer
  • actively support one ‘community’ only, and that’s “people who want to
    be involved”. Which includes artists, coders, teachers, writers,
    universities, companies.
  • make sure all the community sites, such as elysiun etc. provide good
    artist services (open galleries, support forums). If needed, support &
    sponsor them to get this realized.
  1. Development management
    With so many active volunteers we also need more professional support
    to facilitate them. People who fill in the little gaps that annoy
    everyone; fixing old bugs, doing meeting minutes, writing specs,
    collect user feedback, helping doing releases and testing, create demo
    files, user documentation… but also assisting on more complex coding
    work such as restructuring. A couple of part-timers will be enabled to
    do this in a paid job.

  2. Blender 3.0 startup
    There’s also funds reserved to start working on this project. Which
    still is only is in a very early ‘ideas’ phase now. Apart from
    technical research on all kinds of interesting aspects, I think of
    organizing brainstorm/design/feedback sessions with users and
    developers worldwide during the next year, which is targeted to deliver
    a good set of requirements and specifications to base a design for
    Blender 3.0 on. And get a maximum endorsement and support for such
    plans, of course.

  3. Building a ‘professional’ Blender Network
    Not only volunteers like to be involved, but also companies
    (institutes, artists, universities) expressed interest in participating
    in our projects. The first developers have already been paid to do
    coding work. Animation/art studios are actively using Blender for
    commercial projects. All this is expected to grow during 2004, and will
    require a more professional oriented support.
    It is the BF’s aim to help others make a living with Blender as much as
    possible, and limit commercial activities within the BF to the absolute

  4. BF projects
    The internal organization gets more complex in 2004. I’ve already hired
    a ‘project manager’ to help scheduling our projects and targets, and
    especially on getting the additional funding for it. There’s active
    interest from sponsors and subsidy funds, which really needs to be
    managed well.

The 2nd week of february is targeted to have a good (financial)
planning for all of this. I then can also be more specific about what
exactly the funding is we’ll get, and how it is going to be spent!



Ton Roosendaal Blender Foundation [email protected]


a lot.

What this appears to mean to me (amoung other things) is it is an indirect response to my posts in another thread about “Blender not taken seriously”. It was my contention that marketing and confusing user resources was (and IS) Blender’s main downfalll. Ton seems to understand both the technical AND marketing aspects of this product. This mitigates my earlier statements about Blender. Although I still think they are true, the fact that he recognizes them and is looking for rectify the situation lends very well for me respecting the man. Blender is a damn fine product in more than just the technical sense. It will soon grow beyond the hoobyiest market. I am now convinced it’s going to knock the 3D market on its ears one day. The vision is there to make it happen.

hang on to your magic surf boards… wooh hooh! “You ain’t seen nut’n yet”