Ton's artwork?

(GTBlackwell) #1

I just realized that I’ve never seen any artwork by Ton. Anybody know if he’s more interested in the programming side than the 3D graphic stuff? Or maybe he does a lot of graphic stuff, and I’ve seen it, but didn’t realize he did it?

(rwv01) #2

I asked this the same question a few months ago.
Here are the responces I got and some links to follow.
From what I understand Ton’s been so busy with NaN and Blender
for the past few years that he hasn’t had much time to post his own art,
But if you follow the links you’ll eventially find some of his work.

P.S. Skip the first two links, they just go to general 3d art pages.

(GTBlackwell) #3

I’d kinda figured NaN and the rest would probably have taken up most of his time. Just curious I guess. Thanks for the links.

(bmax) #4

cool, i was asking myself the same question…“does ton ever do anything in blender or what?!”