ton's e-mail address?

(kos) #1

does anybody know ton’s e-mail address?please let me know. :frowning:

(ton) #2

[email protected], that’s it since today!

(kos) #3

oh…man! that’s it?ton you rock!!

(wewa_juicyb) #4

NO FAIR!!! Ton gets to be a Guru even though he has only made looks 8 posts!!! :smiley: your so lucky TON!!! oh well,

(S68) #5

That’s depend on quality rather than quantity :smiley:


(Jolly Gnome) #6

Ah, but he’s “only” Blender Guru, not Forum Guru :smiley:

Teemu, who just acquired his “Forum Guru”-status 8)

(theeth) #7

Long live the MONKEYS!


(IamInnocent) #8

Bof, he should be past the darn monkeys themselves. :wink:

He should be forum King Kong ! (King Ton?)

(Timothy) #9

I couldn’t let Ton be a newbie now could I? :slight_smile:

So I gave him some special status.

(SKPjason) #10

I’m surprised as hell that people aren’t screaming in delight that is up and running again… with more Blender info courtesy of Ton…

The hint was in his email address…

YAY!!! The Blender Foundation!!! Community efforts to obtain the IP!!! Possible Community Open Sourcing!!!

My God… the heaven’s are preapring to open…

Jason :smiley:

(sten) #11

well, I would rather be Blender Guru than Forum Guru…weirdo !! :o

(IngieBee) #12

Kib, you must give him the stately title of “The Guru”, after all, he is ours.


(Timothy) #13

I think Ton’s post “ back!” was a pretty big hint aswell :slight_smile:

Timothy :slight_smile:

(rogerm3d) #14

But the replie with the email address was up before Tons post about

(Timothy) #15

no :slight_smile:

Atleast not skpjasons reply,… but it’s ok he’s still my favourite american :slight_smile:

(SKPjason) #16

I know tons post was up… I had a motive for doing what I did… :wink: When NaN fell there was topic after topic of vile flames and pessimism… I was hoping that suddenly every topic would be overflowing with hope and praise… A sense of wonder again… a sense of amzement… the boards would be abuzz with Hosanas…

Oh well… I’ll just smoke a doobie and continue praying at my altar… … or maybe I’ll just sit in my boxers and eat hohos as I hit the bong… :wink:

(Timothy) #17

hmm I’m gonna go get some nice drugs myself aswell :slight_smile:


it is great that the website is back up again, will definately help to feed information into the community.