TONS of themes in 2.74 test build.

Sup fellow Blendheads,
I downloaded the new test build of 2.74. IT HAS LIKE, 20 THEMES. I just wanted to say how much I love all the awesome pre-built-in themes. Do you love these too? If s say which one’s your favorite. My favorite is either Maya or Flattty Light.

Hi ,
If you want others themes, I have a link for you and everybody:
My #85 themes

Flatty Light and Modo I use based on day and night

does anyone know of a zbrush-like theme? I’m thinking that would be pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zbrush would be a pretty cool one Guss. Maybe an After Effects theme.

Sounds interesting, gotta download it and try them out!
By the way, I wanted to know how to export my custom themes which I can later restore if I mess them up or reinstall Blender. Anybody knows how to do this?

i forgot what the theme is called but it’s all blue and grey with neon green selected edges in edit mode :smiley: didn’t really like the flatty light theme even though it seems to be a fashionable style nowadays