Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (Wii)

All I can say about it is that I hate it. I rented it yesterday, and played it for 2 hours, here is what my rant is about.
First off. The graphics have little or no change over the graphics of Project 8 on PS2. Maybe I over estimate the Wiis power, but i think it should be able to pull of a litte bit better than PS2.
Next. No Ragdoll physics? Even if the graphics suck, i thought it should have atleast ragdoll physics. PS3 and Xbox 360 do, and i’ve seen ragdoll physics on alot of games on PS2.
Third. The gameplay with the Wiimote is fun, but gets old after a little while, I thought maybe that ollying would have something to do with the motion sensor, but it’s just the plain old A button, Nail the trick is fun, but can get frustrating, sometimes the trick won’t go, sometimes you barely move the wiimote and it makes you fall.
Fourthly. The Story is to be a great skater in either Hardcore, Rigger, or Carrer types. In rigger you learn to place objects anywhere on the map(Kickers, rails, etc.) That part is pretty cool. In hardcore you learn to gain more speed(Agro Push) and push people out of the way(Skate Check), not very fun because the wiimote can be very unresponsive. In carrer mode, you get cool shots of yourself doing tricks and making it on to magazines.
Fifth: The actual gameplay (Most Important) My first thought was, Why did they change the camera veiw, in the video of THPG on PS3, the camera was nearer to the ground, on the Wii, it is the EXACT same as the last games. As for the skating, Pretty much the same as the last game, and the one before that. They didn’t add many new tricks, but the current tricks are somewhat satisfying,(You can still do a 900 kickflip right away).
Sixth. The missions can be very frustrating in my opinion, and somewhat dumb and cartoony(not as much as the previous games) they involve you pushing people into lakes, and doing certain tricks over gaps(Like we haven’t seen that before:D)For the three types, they have different types, Rigger missions involve putting ramps and rails to trick at certain places. Hardcore missions involve mostly doing Combo lines and Skate checking people. Carrer mostly involves impressing people and doing competitions.
Overview of it All: I think that Activision and Neversoft are losing there good game making charm. THPS4 was good as with the previous THPS’s, THUG was good in my opinion, but not as good as the earlier ones. THUG 2 was way to cartoony for a skating game in my opinion, and involved Bam Margera(He’s not much of a skater in my opinion). THAW was the starting of the bad games to me, Though fun and challenging, still cartoony and frustrating. THP8 was better than THAW, but not by much, the missions were hard and it was very short, with a weak story. TH Downhill Jam was another TH game i rented, i liked it, but i like the other one better just because i really don’t like skateboard racing.
Now, THPG is not the worst game ever, Looks at ET on NES, trying to compare But can be very frustrating and lame. On PS3 and XBOX360 it may be fun, but not on Wii. Solid advice, Don’t buy it if you have a Wii, Buy Super Mario Galaxy, or TLOZ:TP(If you haven’t already:)) It may be fun on other consoles, but on Wii it is little or no different from anything the PS2 could pull off.
Tell me if you agree or Disagree :cool: Thank you!

ET was on the Atari. But i don’t blame you for not knowing that. Owning it seared the memory onto my brain.

I’ve never played anything past THPS3, tho I own and have screwed about with THUG2 on the PSP. The problem for me with that game, and i think the critical flaw in the THPS series lately, is the amount of worthless crap there is to run into, trip over, get hit by, etc. The earlier THPS games were so gloriously simple to pick up and play and yet had so much depth. The later games are all very fast (speed-wise i think my stats-less guy in Thug2 moves as fast as my fully maxed out guy in THPS 3) and are thus much more difficult to play it without planning lines and such… more difficult to just wing it. And, for me, that was the whole fun of those games… to just play it and eventually figure out that one bad-ass line you could get 100,000 points for. No wait, i have THPS4 on the PS2 as well… only played it one time… (I bought it the same day i got Shadow of the Colossus and Gran Turismo 4… and Herdy Gerdy…)

Oops, i forgot if it was Atari or NES. THPS2 is the best, but it wasn’t on PS2, only n64 and PS1. I agree with your opinion…I don’t like the game Herdy Gerdy, it’s a wierd game,(Especially when you have to herd those things, that got me quite frustrated because you always have to be near one of those bear things.)
My basic outline of the post is: Do companies Underestimate the Wii? Because almost every game i play on there has PS2 graphics with a little postproccesing(Bloom, Blur etc.).Or, do i overestimate the Wii? What i want to know it what it can pull off. But, i guess i kind of do overestimate it because in THPG, i seen LAG…Bad Lag. There were 5 NPC’s on the screen, and it was terrible.

ya, i’m never buying a tony hawk game again. They are so repetitive, and boring, gameplay has been pretty much the same for 9 years. I’ve bought every game up to project 8 exluding THPS1 and i am not buying proving ground, or Hawk 10, 11, 12, etc. The first 3 or 4 were cool and fun but in my opinion EA Skate is 100x better than any skating game activision and neversoft is going to make, cause they are just getting worse and worse.

I think you’re spot on, good advice. :smiley:

I think that the Wii concept is commendable. They’re trying to shake things up but the whole wii-mote thing clearly cannot translate to all games. Can you still play games with a standard controller on a Wii?

The issue about the graphics is still notable though. I know people say graphics aren’t everything and in a way it’s right but I’ve seen some games that look worse than on the PS2 also and that just shouldn’t be if the Wii is an overclocked Gamecube because even the GC was faster than the PS2.

Even the PSP has ragdoll physics. The latest Syphon Filter for PSP uses Havok.

I could be the person who say’s,“Graphics aren’t everything” But, on a new game system, i think it should be at least a bit better from last gen. I never knew that the PSP had Ragdoll physics, though, i’ve rarely ever played one. I agree, the TH series is getting very repetitive, They used the same NPC animations untill THUG, and after that they didn’t change much. The Controller is quite annoying. Fun for sports games(Baseball, Golf,etc.) Paper Mario and Zelda made good use of it, but other games.(Super Monkey Ball) don’t go great with it. Super Smash Bros. Brawl will allow the player to use 3 combinations of controller, the same style as Zelda and TH, the sideways wiimote(i think) and A Gamecube controller.

My advice, buy Skate on PS3 or xbox 360… BEST skating game i EVER played!

If i had PS3 or Xbox 360, I would, but unfortunatly i can’t afford either, if i wouldn’t have bought a stupid Wii, maybe i would, I’m hoping i can save up enough for a PS3(Xbox 360 isn’t that interesting to me) My Wiimote is even starting to break.

Hey guys, I’m working on a Skating game in the blender game engine right now! I want it to be like the originals cuz i totally agree the first 3 were definitly the best. In my mind simple = good. You get to complicated and the game is no longer fun. TH’s American Wasteland looked cool. Any of you played it? It looks cool cuz it’s not like all the other TH games. You just skate around a big city with no levels or anything. Also, it’s for PC. (=

Kind of a huge bump, but American Wasteland wasn’t really that great. There are different levels, but they have no loading screens, But the story was pretty lame, and on Sick mode (Hardest mode), there is one mission that is literally impossible, where you have to tab a button impossibly fast. Tony Hawk’s Underground is my favorite out of the recent series, just because the story is really captivating without forgetting that it’s a skateboarding game. And another thing about American Wasteland, is that in a lot of the parts of the game, it seems like they forgot they were making a skateboarding game. Nearly all of the missions force you to accomplish the objectives by running.