Tony The Rapper: Final Comedy Animation

I have finished this new Model. From Modeling>> Texture>> Rigging>>> Animation>>> & Rendering totally on Blender 2.52.

I think is worthy to mention that I have implemented the Finger Rig System created by Dimetri, based in copy Rotation constraints. Quick to rig and easy to animate, specially with the new visual cursor system in pose mode when pressing R or RR on Blender 2.52. It allows you to rotate any bone in any constrained axis regardless of its position in the 3D View Port.

I wish former tools in the Animation System were finally implemented like hiding bone’s groups in the Dope-Action Editor, the ability to re-order bone’s channels, hide unneeded channels, markers etc that were very useful in previous versions.:RocknRoll: That would pretty much conclude the amazing 2.5 Animation System :smiley:

PD: You can find the hand rigging tutorial at CGCookie, they translated it from Russian to the English language.:smiley:


I don’t know a lot about character animations, so I can’t comment on the techniques, but the movements felt very stiff to me. I also couldn’t spot any expression in his eyes either, but that may be because his head was moving a lot.

You’ve put a lot of work into this, so I congratulate you on completely such a huge project. It must have taken a while! In future though I would look at making the animation shorter so you can focus on more realism.

Keep at it and don’t give up! :slight_smile:

Ha Ha :smiley: Actually the animation took me 2 days…no that long while;) ha ha ! neither it is a huge project ! Glad that you see it as such:cool:

Thanks for your comments.:spin:

Nice video, the Chris Rock scene was amazing, cheered me up before I start work :slight_smile: I applaud you for that.

Man glad that you liked it. Yes the Chris part I guess is the best.

Thanks for your comments:D

Hahaha I love that he got shot! Some gangsta shit! :smiley:

Neat video. The modeling, rigging, texturing, etc. is all pretty great :smiley:

—Constructive Criticism—
However, the character animation could use some work. Right now it’s very stiff and mechanical. A lot of it is pose-to-pose. You’ll need some more overlapping action and follow-through. I especially noticed that the wrists were a bit stiff. More wrist movement would be great!
Arcs are a big part of animation. When things are set up on IK, you need to make sure they still move in arcs. There was a lot of sliding from one location to another location in this.
It also would have been nice to have had some more finger movement.
The face also seemed a bit stiff. His eyebrows always seemed to be in the same position along with his mouth. Watch people in real life. Their facial expressions are constantly changing slightly :). You really need to exaggerate to portray emotion :D.
Also, his mouth only ever seemed to open and close, so the lip syncing didn’t quite match up.

As far as rigging goes, it appears as though he had one spine bone with segments? You really need at least two, usually 3 bones for the torso. The body is split up into a few specific movable masses…not all one curve.

As they tell us at school, 10 seconds of professional animation should take about 40 hours O.o
—END Constructive Criticism—

Hope this provided helpful!

Anyway, this is quite the big project. Congratulate yourself! :smiley: Good job! Looking forward to your future work.

Do it farther.

Thanks for your detailed comments.

I invested 2 days in the animation ( Including camera and lights ). I could have spent 2 more days tweaking the IPOs, and shifting keys a bit more, basically there is not limit in tweaking. The limits are set by the time and budget.

About the lipsync, well it is hard to see it very well since the mic hides the mouth a bit, but it has mouth shapes and the lipsync goes with the words, I guess you did not pay much attention to it. Face expressions, agreed I could have use more.

About the spine: don’t jump into conclusions without even seeing the rig. The rig shot was very superficial with controls not showed or not used on my scene.

One thing you must keep in mind is TIME-vs-MONEY. ! Don’t believe all what schools tell you. It might be true but truly unpractical for survival!:no: 10 seconds of animation = 40 hours = $ 800 !.

No many will pay you $800 for 10 seconds ! ( Maybe Pixar? ) People out there can easily pay $ 200 for 30 seconds animation. If you can do it in half a day, then we are talking right? You should have a quality standard though, no too robotic neither too perfect. Don’t take my word for it, just go and watch some 3D series at Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network…MANYyyyyy of them look amazingly robotic and jerky, however the boundary is the budget and time frame. They must create episodes on the fly ! At the end everyone makes their money!:evilgrin:

Most people and kids are more focus on story telling and emotions. ( Writers are keys in Animations projects, more than arcs and IPOS:yes: ) Take a look at Family Guy, the lipsync is reduced to only display and hide the teeth and open and close the jaw with an “O” shape in between. Even many cartoons are translated to other languages and we don’t even care about the lipsync. I assure many of us have seen even jerky dinosaurs at Discovery Channel or Animal Planet Right? Many YouTube’s animations are even better than the ones broadcasted on TV. There are exceptions though, like SHREK or walking with Dinosaurs where millions of dollars are involved so you can put all your time and skills, obviously you see the results, great arcs, realistic, ilumination = millions of Dollars and nor less than 4 years of developing.:eek::eek::eek: But that isn’t the practical path if you want to make quick money, may be that moment will never come to us. ( PIXAR or WaltDisney PROJECTS)

Besides this, schools want you there ! They suck your money and they want every penny out of you, so they push you to take your time, spend hours and hours in exercises, they will never tell you this is perfect ! Keep practicing with your school, and abide by their rules and suggestions, ( since they push you to perfection ), however keep this red flag blinking in your mind, once you get out there, everything is about money. A house with 5 rooms and 3 bathrooms is better than a one with 2 and 1 right? Time and budget define the limits and quality of the one chosen. I am a Website developer, I can make a website for $ 20 bucks ! but don’t expect FANCY PHP, ActionScript or Java code in it, I have the knowledge but the budget is the limit of your imagination !:eek:

ha ha ha !

Cheers hope it helps you in your money making career and animation, and thanks for your detailed views and analysis of my crazy Tony Rapper ! I might want to do a whole talk show soon.

One of the best character animations I have seen here, awesome, very funny !:wink: