Too big tracking markers in 3D View?

Hi guys.
I have a small issue. I tracked and solved the camera and the markers in 3D view are too big. How can I reduce their size, selecting one Empty selects the camera and scaling scales all the markers and the camera together. They don’t exist in the Outliner and the only thing that affects their size seems to be the “Set Scale” option in the reconstruction tools panel in motion tracking window, but that changes their size unpredictably. My scene scale is set correctly according to the footage.
Does anyone have an idea how to change their size with maybe a script or any other way that might work?
I need this because I have to render the viewport animation preview (aka. playblast) and markers get too much in the way but I need them there.
Here’s a screenshot:

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Oops, I just realized I posted it in the wrong forum, can the mods move it to an appropriate forum?

Properties panel (N) under Motion Tracking you can change size and shape of markers

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Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

Hi, in Blender 2.8 this is now different:

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