Too dark behind glass, and Freestyle line breaks???

Here is a work in progress, character. I have been unable to research why the lighting behind the boy’s glasses is so dark. I have tweaked possible candidates?? for material and texture, transparency settings, world settings, no effect. I also am getting some breaks in the Freestyle lines that aren’t a function of ‘thick&thin’. Inside the mouth is just dark also???
Any other comments are always welcome.
Thank you, Paul

Since no one had any suggestions or replies, I have moved along ;-}
Here is a turn-table preview of the character, using Freestyle lines and Blender compositing to modify the render to be a bit more like a watercolor. Here is a link to a short animation. 2.3mgs as it wouldn’t let me post it directly from my site.

Nice character, for the shadows (glasses), try to check receive transparent in the skin material settings.

Zaporro, Hello…
Thank you for your ideas. I tried it initially without any changes, but at least it was a suggestion, and for that I am grateful.