Too drunk to drive drunk music animation

Over ambitious project for my skill level but I learned a lot! Blender eevee. Made for a friends band, Vincent Flatts.


Just amazing work :rofl: :metal:

There are a lot of transitions and jumping to different places very well mastered. Looks challenging to organize all this.

Especially liked car animation opening,
mood, cameras movement, lightning (a lot), dof, rhythm and fun. That ROcks !
Did not expect that nice close up on the car after seeing humans quick modeling and skeletons animations torture :innocent:

Well done !

Did you discuss with the band around a storyboard, or jumped in with rough ideas ?

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Hey, thanks for watching and the positive feedback - very inspiring! There were a lot of sticking points as I tried to figure out how and what to do, especially with the mouth animations and textures (I tried grease pencil initially but couldn’t render it well, if at all). I used a bunch of Lattice’s on the car which was fun and enjoyed the cars expressions. The motion of the characters is a little slow and the weights on stuff like the beard didn’t quite work but I guess this is all part of the learning curve. I didn’t produce a storyboard, it was a total surprise for the band - I think if I told them the idea they’d think I was nuts, best to work it out and show the results lol. The only thing I had in mind was that I wanted to try some shots resembling those from the movies ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘Fire in the Sky’ - the lights behind the car raising up and the light beam from the UFO. I had no idea how or why this would fit in with the driving drunk concept until I was working through it, I just knew these shots had a lot of impact on me and I wanted to find a way to work them in to a project :rofl:

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