Too Early for Halloween?

Hi again! I’ve placed this together the last two hours out of sheer boredom. I’m working on rigging the punkin for mouth movement. Ermmm… how do I do that? And how do I make the “carved look” for the inside and where the holes are?

CnC’s are welcome as always.

Nice picture. Maybe the fire of the candle looks a bit to soft.

For the mouth movements you could use relative vertex keys, but I never really worked with this, so I cannot tell you how to do it.

For the carved look a strong nor texture could work. Maybe try the procedural Voronoi texture.

Oh Great! I love Halloween!

Nice Picture. I hope you don’t mind me using your picture as a desktop wallpaper on my PC.

(you stole my idea). I was going to do a YafRay Pumpkin, but too lazy to start it.

Yafray punkins eh? Does yafray render particles well? Actually, I had the idea of putting the punkin in a punkin chucker cannon for a video project last year, but i scrapped the idea. Anybody have a blueprint for a punmpkin cannon?

Added a couple of things. Sidenote: The yellow punkin was the original model, but he looked a tad crosseyed, so I scrapped him. But I had pity on the little guy, so I placed him back with his brother.

A question again though, how do you get the light streaming out of the open doorway to look like light streaming out of the doorway?

And how do you make fuzzy cloth?

BTW, the candy corn turned out to face the same general direction. How do you duplivert an item so that the objects are rotated in a random direction?