Too fast for comfort

Hello fellow blenders:

I started this car model four weeks ago and am now down to the final renders. I’m trying to get the car to look as photo real as possible.

I also need some tips on ways to light the car. I’m trying to give it a studio feel and don’t know what are the best lights to use for it. The current render was done with blender internal using shadow buff spots (it took 45 Min. on a dell).

I’m also trying to get the materials to look more like the real thing. You can still tell right away that it was done with a computer.

c&c I need very much, that I do.:o
thank you


wow nice car!!!:eek: First of all the spec and reflectivity is abit too much on the window,pump that down abit.The chrome of the wheels are too dull and dark.Pump the reflectivity and spec for that one.What shader are you using for the car cause right now it looks like your using toon shader.Add a material for the reflection and add some spec and try to make it abit too reflective.The surrounding isnt that nice.Try to be more creative and let your imagination flow.All in all good job modelling!!:wink:
But the main texturing problems are either too much spec or too less spec and some minor things.Change those and it will be much better and even photo realistic!
Modelling=4.9999999999 stars:p :wink:
Texturing=3 stars:(
Keep up the good work and dont give up;) :smiley: !And i have a feeling your going to master the art of car design!

Thanks Trak wrecka.

I’m using minnart with .41 ref and 0.80 dark. I realy don’t know much about the shaders though so maybe i should use a different one… but i don’t know which one.:confused:

But any ways thanks again for the crit’s.:slight_smile:

You are missing a few things for this car:
1 there are no rearview mirrors
2 there are no windshield whipers
3 there are no window “seals”

some lines on the car shold be straight but aren’t, some places should be nicely courved but aren’t.

The wheel arcs would look nice if they would be a bit “larger”.

You need to seriously work on your render setup, a bit of AO would be nice, less specularity and soft lighting (area lights perhaps)


Thanks Cipix for the tips.

Here is an update with new materials.
I didn’t render it with with high poly meshes such as the wheels and engine because I don’t want to bog down my computer just yet. I’m still using buffered spot lights but there is no AO, unlike the first blend.

What do you think?

I still need to model the “rear-views” and the windshield wipers and windo sills, but I think I’m 98% done. But maybe there are things I still need to change? Any more c&c will be great. thanks.

P.s can anyone think of a good name for it?


Much better than last time.I love the paint color.Is that the final color.I love the spot light and the doors especially!!!:wink: You dont need to be modelling cars anymore unless its a hobbie(CUZ I THINK YOU HAVE MASTERED IT!:eek: )anywayz can’t wait till i see the final render!:rolleyes:

I love your top view…truly beautiful. It looks wonderful, keep em comin man.

Sorry for the delay, networks been down.

Thanks 3dak

Finished some seats and made a carbon fiber texture. Also some wire and a front view with some added things like rearviews and an antena. I was inspired to make my own carbon fiber meterial when I tried to use the carbon fiber meterial in the sonix car libary and found theat I couldn’t even see the carbon fiber effect.

Does anyone have some tips on how to light the scene without using 7+ buffered lights? How do you get the area light to produce soft shadows without sampling it 10+ times, or is that the only way?

Also is there anything I’m missing? I feel as if I’m almost done but not sure if I need to add/change anything to make it look more real.